Steve Williams was born in Wellington (NZ) on the 29th of December 1963.
At a very young age, 10 years old, he started playing golf and being a caddie at the Paraparaumu Beach Club and at 13 years old he started working as a caddie more regularly although his HCP was already 2 (!).

He's worked for Greg Norman, Raymond Floid and presently for Tiger Woods, probably the best golf player of all times.
His biggest hobbies are "Stock Car Racing" and Rugby. He created the Steve Williams Foundation, to help players in his country without enoug ressources.


To be a Professional Caddie is not on the list of jobs that small children dream of... Which were Steve’s interests when he was a kid in New Zealand? When did you decide to dedicate your time being a professional Caddie?

As a teenager in New Zealand I wanted to be an All Black a Stock Car Driver and a Professional Caddy, fortunately I have been able to do two of these things.

Your job has you travelling around the world many months per year. How is it for you being so long away from home? Have you decided until when you will do this job?

There is no doubt that all the travel makes the job very difficult, especially living in New Zealand, I see myself caddying for Tiger until he breaks Jack’s record of 18 majors and that will be it for me.

Golf fans only see the Caddie carrying the clubs’ bag on TV and they don’t see that beforehand a very important work has been done. Give us an overview about how you prepare an important Competition, from the moment that it appears on the calendar until you arrive to Tee 1.

Prior to the tournament starting I always check the course and at all majors walk the course early in the morning to note pin placements and course conditions.

The Caddie and his Player spend long hours together. For how many players have you worked? How would you define them professionally speaking? Could you explain us the most important virtue of each of them?

I have worked full time for three players Greg Norman, Ray Floyd and Tiger. I have been very fortunate that all three players I would describe as great competitors and extremely dedicated professionals.

Your present situation (your work for Tiger Woods, who is possibly the biggest of all times) must be envied by most Caddies of the Circuit. How’s your relationship with the rest of Caddies? And with the rest of Players? Have you received important offers to change?

Caddies are envious of Tiger’s schedule as he plays the minimal amount of tournaments and still holds the number one ranking, other players do ask me to Caddy on my off weeks but this does not interest me.

Professionally speaking, which are your next objectives? Is there any which you haven’t reached and which you would like a lot?

Our year is always based around Tiger’s play in the four majors so every year it is a goal to win one of these which in turn makes it a successful year.

You have created the “Steve Williams Foundation”. Can you explain which are the main objectives and to whom is it directed?

The Steve Williams Foundation assists junior golfers in New Zealand mainly who come from the smaller provinces that lack financial support.

Let’s talk about Pitch&Putt, a sport very similar to Golf, original from Ireland and that has a great success in Catalonia. Have you heard of it? Have you been able to play it?

I have heard of pitch and putt but have not had the opportunity to play...

Can you explain us any fun anecdote that has happened to you? For example, arriving at tee 1st and noticing you have forgotten the putter...!!!

2000 US Open third round after a fog delay returned the next day with only three balls in the bag, firstly Tiger uses one and gives it to a spectator and then on the eighteenth hits one into the Ocean and now we have just one ball left, had that ball gone in the Ocean or out of bounds I would’nt be e-mailing you right now...

To finish, a few short questions:

The best course you’ve played on: Royal Melbourne.

A golf day you’ll never forget: Sunday 2000 British Open.

An impossible golf stroke: 40-60 yard bunker shot.

If golf hadn’t crossed Steve’s life...: I would have liked to have been an All Black.

Three wishes: Continued good health, a good family life and New Zealand win the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Thanks a lot Steve!

The Interview with Steve was done via email during march 2007. The merit is for Josep Ponce who contacted Mr.Williams. The translations wer done by our friend Adam Segalés.

Steve accepted our proposal for interview immediately and answered the questions just before leaving for the USA to play the Masters with Tiger. He only asked one thing in exchange: if I could send him a bottle of our local "Champagne". The next morning 3 bottles of the best Cava one can buy in Girona were shipped to New Zealand...

I must say it has been a pleasure and a honour that somebody like Steve Williams, who must receive around two thousand interview proposals and public acts per year, accepted to answer these questions for a modest website about P&P in Catalonia. Just for this reason I will be grateful forever.